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Aesthetics & Vitamins

Vitamin B12 & C



B12    £39

B12 is a vital vitamin that the body needs to function. Signs of B12 deficiency are lack of energy, fatigue, irritability, pale skin , pins and needles in hands or feet, depression, brain fog, low mood.

Vitamin C    £39

Vitamin C is a vital vitamin for the immune system and functions as an antioxidant. it helps to keep your cells healthy and repair various tissues in your body. Signs of vitamin C deficiency are muscle or joint pain, easily bruised, dry skin, splitting hair, poor healing wounds and more.

Biotin    £50

Restore hair Elasticity and promote hair growth, Biotin is a type of B complex vitamin, Biotin injections are used for the improvement of fine fragile or thinning hair, it can also aid in skin conditions and dryness.


Aqualyx is an injectable compound which aids in fat destruction in the body. A free consultation and patch test is required prior to treatment.

Aqualyx large area     £280

Aqualyx small area     £150


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